Wilier Triestina Collection

Wilier designs and builds gorgeous bicycles!Wilier Triestina was founded in 1906 in Rossano Veneto, Italy where they produced fine bicycles for Italian cyclists and even the Italian army. According to Guido P. Rubino's Italian Racing Bicycles, the brand name Wilier was actually a "little-known English brand" that the company retained going forward.

A more romantic legend says that the company's name comes from the patriotic Italian saying: W(Viva) Italia libera e redenta ("Long live Italy, liberated and redeemed."). Note that in Italian, Give our Wilier bicycles a try and experience the difference!the letter w is typically used as an abbreviation for the word viva. Then if you take the key letters from the other words you get Wilier.

Regardless of the true origins of the name Wilier, their bicycles have become every bit as legendary as their company. Since the earliest days they've been winning the top races around the world and have been sought after by the greatest champions from Fiorenzo Magni to Marco Pantani to Alessandro Ballan.

Today, Wilier continues their tradition of greatness and proudly builds some of the most cutting-edge and beautifully appointed racing rigs available. What could be better than to escape on a magnificent hand-made Wilier for your rides? Or rolling up to your Saturday group ride on the bicycle of your dreams and showing it off?

Wilier quality, design and heritage are in every bike!

Wiliers are designed in Italy and feature flowing graceful lines and gorgeous finishes that have become their hallmark. Wilier also pays painstaking attention to every other detail. Materials, the carbon layup and component selection are all handled with precision and care so you can be sure that your Wilier has the engineering, craftsmanship and performance to take your cycling to the next level.

When you purchase a Wilier you're also getting a thoroughbred machine forged in the fires of the toughest competitions in the world, pro racing. The best testing laboratory is a professional bike team, and that's why Wilier sponsors the Lampre team. With superstars like Damiano Cunego and Alessandro Petacchi tearing it up on their Wiliers you can be sure that when you need to rocket over that hill, accelerate to the line, charge through a corner or just enjoy your favorite ride more than ever, your Wilier will be right there leading the way!

We look forward to showing your our sweet selection of Wilier bicycles!