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Road Frames

Cinelli Saetta Frameset
$800.00 $2,299.99 65% Off
Cinelli's Saetta is a carbon masterpiece for those with impeccable taste. Its monocoque carbon frame offers a compliant ride, while classic geometry and the stiff Columbus fork keep the handling precise so you can carve corners on long rides and still have enough in the tank to take the sprint. This elegant frameset isn't some portly couch, either. Its hill-taming weight and stiff chainstay/bottom bracket junction ensure when you jump, your Cinelli goes like a rocket, whether you're aiming for the podium or town limit sign group cred.
Cinelli Best Of Frameset
$1,499.99 $3,699.99 59% Off
Cinelli's Best Of is just that: an uncompromising all rounder that's equally suited to long days in the saddle, thunderous sprint finishes, and altitude-conquering mountain adventures. This agile monocoque thoroughbred is formed from XLR8R shaped carbon with a BB86 bottom bracket and integrated seatmast that keeps the weight to the bare minimum while offering outstanding stiffness and compliance. And the perfectly matched Columbus Genius tapered carbon fork adds stable tracking and inspired cornering to the mix. With the right components, this frame will certainly delight you with every pedal stroke, but even more, it will bring out the best in you.
Cinelli Supercorsa Frameset
Cinelli's legendary Supercorsa has been coveted by cycling aficionados for decades. This regal super bike has been updated with the finest materials available but otherwise has remained delightfully constant in an uncertain world. After all, why mess with perfection? A proven, classic geometry, gorgeous chrome lugs and top-tier Columbus SL Niobium tubing combine to create that famed Cinelli blend of agility and stability that practically melts long miles away. And of course, these beautiful frames are hand built by skilled Italian craftsmen using traditional methods, as they have been for nearly 40 years. Assemble it with vintage components or the most modern gruppo, either way, the halcyon days of cycling will envelope every ride.
Cinelli XCr Frameset
Cinelli's XCr blazes through the intersection of the past and the future on its way to something even better. The feathery Columbus XCr Stainless steel tubes from which it takes its name provide an unrivaled ride and impressively low weight. You'll rocket forward with every pedal stroke, yet the XCr still possesses that ethereal ride quality of hand-built steel. The looks are just fine. Laser-etched graphics stand apart from the unique polished finish to turn heads at every stoplight. And it's so much more, handling is classic Cinelli: responsive, agile and confident. That honed European geometry really shines along with Columbus's ultralight Minimal carbon fork to plaster a grin across your face as you sail down the curviest declines.
Cinelli Supercorsa Pista Frameset
Cinelli's legendary Supercorsa Pista conjures the glory of sailing across boards of carefully laid wood. This regal super bike is built from the finest Columbus steel but is otherwise delightfully traditional. A proven, classic track geometry, gorgeous chrome lugs and top-tier Columbus Spirit tubing combine to create that famed Cinelli agility. And of course, these beautiful frames are hand built by skilled Italian craftsmen using traditional methods, as they have been for nearly 40 years. Whether you're cruising to the velodrome, or churning along the blue line, the halcyon days of track cycling will envelope every ride.
Cinelli Laser MIA Frameset
Cinelli's Laser MIA Frameset is a carbon jewel, the result of cutting edge design and the relentless quest for speed. Styled after the iconic original Cinelli Laser, each frame is handmade in Italy using sophisticated carbon manufacturing techniques that result in an utterly exceptional 890 gram frame weight. The distinctive aero elements of the original Laser are all here as well, including the shaping of the tube joints and the bottom bracket fin. Leading the way, the carbon monocoque fork stiffens the front end and provides razor-sharp cornering with pinpoint steering. And, short seatstays provide snappy acceleration and responsive handling. This heritage design lets you give a nod to Italy's cycling heritage while boasting the speed and tech you need to excel today.
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