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Cinelli 64 Giro D'Italia Handlebar
The original. Cinelli's 64 Giro D'Italia bar oozes classic appeal from the creamy anodized silver 6061 aluminum to the refined profile that's been ridden by many of cycling's heroes. Its shallow, swooping drops provide multiple positions for fine ergonomics. And, the Giro D'Italia's undeniable vintage vibe makes it the perfect complement to your vintage rebuild or the perfect classic touch to your modern race rocket.
Cinelli NeoMorphe Carbon Handlebar
Cinelli's NeoMorphe Carbon Handlebar is formed from high-modulus carbon for feathery weight and sprint-worthy stiffness. Its swooping ergonomic curves swell to support your hands in every position for exceptional comfort and control. Your cables route cleanly underneath the bars, and AVS-Gel strips add cushioning to the mix.
Cinelli Ram Solo Carbon Handlebar
Cinelli's monocoque Ram Solo Carbon Handlebar is formed from high-modulus T700 carbon for stiffness and light weight. Ergonomic airfoil tops are comfortable, too. And, gentle ergonomic curves swell to support your hands for added support and control. Your cables route internally and AVS-Gel strips add cushioning to the mix.
FSA K-Wing Compact Carbon Road Handlebar
Take flight with the power of FSA's K-Wing Compact. This amazing handlebar features a continuous carbon/Kevlar construction for an ideal blend of stiffness, low weight and durability. The compact bend assures easy reach to your controls and a more comfortable grip when in the drops. The K-Wing also features an aero, ergonomic top section and internal cable routing to ensure your bike looks clean and clutter free.
TruVativ Stylo T20 Flatbar
TruVativ's Stylo T20 Flatbar is made from butted aluminum for low weight and high strength. At 600mm wide, it gives you a nice XC width without weighing you down. A subtle sweep gives your hands the perfect position for greater control in technical sections.
TruVativ Noir T40 Flatbar
$157.99 - $168.99
TruVativ's Noir T40 Flatbar is made from TruVativ's unidirectional SL high-modulus carbon for ultra light weight and superb strength. Its flat profile puts your in an aggressive racing position, while the subtle sweep feels good on your wrists.
Zipp VukaBull Base Bar
Get your next time trial or triathlon off to the right start with Zipp's VukaBull Base Bar. It's the first thing you reach for when you blast out of the start gate, so Zipp takes extra care with the carbon layup to ensure you have the lightest, most robust bar possible. The slightly concave nose section and forward-swept arms, along with the airfoil shape, reduce drag and stiffen the bar. Ergonomics are the key to comfort and speed, so it's available with a choice of zero or 40mm drop and the grips are angled up slightly for a more natural wrist angle when climbing and sprinting. Additionally, it has an extra wide aerobar clamping area for maximum versatility and adjustability.
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